Standard Turbo Broiler
A turbo broiler is like a portable convection oven but at a much lower cost. It is an oven which you can bring wherever you are required to roast or bake. It is durable, handy and very practical. Some of the best roast pork, roast chicken, and roast beef dishes are cooked in a turbo broiler

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Standard Appliances Turbo Broilers
Standard Appliances Pressure Cookers

Standard Pressure Cookers
The Standard Pressure Cooker is not limited to cooking tough meats and long-playing recipes. It can be used to cook everyday dishes, but in a quicker way due to the pressure cooking function.

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Standard Appliances Oven Toaster

Standard Oven Toaster
Heating elements are what make the oven toaster do its function. It is different from a bread toaster because the compartment is bigger. It will not just toast breads but do actual cooking. You can even cook a steak in it!

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