Standard Washing Machines, Dryer and Flat Iron
Standard washing machines, dryer, and flat iron are a group of time-saving, energy-preserving, cost-cutting, and most frequently used home appliances that are affordable and made to keep its promise to save your costs and energy.

Washing Tip:
Soaking clothes overnight in a tub of water really helps loosen dirt and grime and can be especially effective when your clothes have that dingy-all-over look.
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Standard Appliances Washing Machine
Standard Appliances Spin Dryers

Spin Drying Tip
Shake out every item of clothing. This will reduce drying time, wrinkling, and possibly stretching if you normally throw a garment wadded or twisted into the dryer.

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Standard Appliances Flat Irons

Ironing Tip
Save energy by doubling the heat. Use aluminum foil under the ironing board cover. You’ll cut ironing time in half, because the aluminum reflects the heat of the iron, effectively smoothing the underside of your clothes as you run over the topside.

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